#51 Not-for-children Gingerbread Bundt cake; a rushed Christmas cake

This post doesn’t get what it deserves. My aunt had called both my mom and I to let us know what time to come over for Christmas dinner. She said to come over at 3:30 and dinner would be around 4:30 but for some reason 4:30 got stuck in both our heads so we thought dinner was gonna be at 5:30…

Christmas day we sat around playing board games and card games and at about 4:00 I decided I should probably get started on my cake. 15 minutes later my aunt called my mom up and was wondering if we were on our way because they were about ready for dinner. :O We were not ready. This cake was supposed to bake for a good 45 minutes. We decided my parents and sister and brother-in-law should go ahead of us and we would be behind but that they should start dinner without us.

Since we were rushed I decided to conserve time by not taking pictures. So sad. A rushed Christmas cake! Not at all how I intended, but it sure had been fun playing games. 🙂

I made one mishap while baking as the cake plus glaze calls for a total of 1 cup of butter so I got two sticks out and put them both in the cake even though half of one should have gone into the glaze. There was more butter to work with of course, but the extra butter in the cake could have been what gave me a bit of trouble later.

So Ian, George and I waited for the cake to bake which had about 30 minutes remaining when everyone else got out the door. When the timer went off however, the cake was still very jiggly and the toothpick was supposed to come out clean when it was done. 5 more minutes I thought. Still jiggly. 10 more minutes this time….More done but wet toothpick. Another 10 minutes….still slightly wet toothpick! I decided to take it out anyway, and risk it. We were missing Christmas dinner!

The cake turned out deliciously. Everyone loved it, my aunt proudly raved over it despite it breaking a little when we flipped it out of the pan (probably due to undercooking 😛 ). She fixed it for me while Ian and I dealt with a very cranky George (he had missed  his late afternoon nap, poor baby) and tried to eat the remaining (extremely delicious) ham dinner while catching up with my cousin who has been in Ecuador for the past two years with the Peace Core. The Christmas ham dinner my aunt makes is my absolute favorite holiday meal. 🙂 Although I will say that my own pre-Christmas Christmas dinner with prime rib and Yorkshire pudding turned out the best ever this year.

Here are a couple photos I managed to take on my phone, which does not at all do it justice, especially since the glaze never got put on the entire cake (we let the measuring cup get passed around) and it was half-eaten by the time I was able to take a picture.

#51 Not-for-children Gingerbread Bundt cake

#51 Not-for-children Gingerbread Bundt cake

side view of the half-eaten cake

side view of the half-eaten cake

My little Christmas elf :)

My little Christmas elf 🙂


George getting his toy car out of his stocking

George getting his toy car out of his stocking

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas! I thank the Lord that an undocumented cake on Christmas will not spoil the celebration of the birth of Christ. Praise God for sending His Son that we might be saved. Our God is merciful and gracious, may he ever be praised!

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