Nursery Painting: Part 1

I have always enjoyed painting rooms. What I have recently discovered is that I do not enjoy picking out the colors. Nothing ever seems to look on the wall quite the way I pictured it. Samples are my enemy friend because if I paid for a gallon of paint and then realized I didn’t like it once it was on the wall, all that hard work would be for nothing. Not to mention all that paint money. I first ran into the problem of choosing paint with our library. We wanted it gold (it’s currently white). Gold is bold, but we both felt it could be a wonderful color in that room. We had a couple samples on our wall and neither of them seemed quite right. One was too orangey, the other far too yellow. We wanted gold. So we temporarily gave up. That was back in December. We are soon to be back in the painting action thanks to Elseth Jr.

Elseth Jr. has given us a bit of motivation for painting. After getting our kitchen and bathroom repainted, we decided to wait to repaint the nursery until we found out whether it was a boy or girl. We didn’t even look at swatches. As you probably know, it’s a boy. The nursery walls were originally a lovely shade of blue, but I patched up many holes leftover from the previous owner and the can of paint I thought matched the nursery turned out to be our bedroom paint, which is apparently much whiter and more teal. So there were spots of a different blue splotched all over the room covering up the white spackling, no thanks to my color-blindness.


So the next step was choosing a color. Ian and I went to The Home Depot and looked at their swatches. We had at least decided on blue. We came out not only with 3 blue samples for the nursery but also 3 gold samples for the library. We’re hoping one of the 3 will be just the right gold but considering my luck with the blues…I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

Once I put the blue samples on the nursery wall, I looked at them and decided there was one that I liked best. The lightest of the three. But after a few days I decided I actually liked the original wall color best of all. I tried matching it with a teeny piece from the wall and ended up with something far too gray (it was called Light French Gray). I don’t seem to have luck with color matching. Thankfully I only got a sample of that one.


Even in this photo it looks pretty close (the middle color)! Excepting the part where it is much darker. Or is that me still being color-blind?

I decided to go into Sherwin Williams with the grey swatch and look for a blue one that had similar tones, but possibly a shade lighter. I went from “Light French Gray” to “Sleepy Blue”. Isn’t that perfect for a nursery? I gushed over the name and decided I better like it because the name itself was too cute. Well turns out I LOVED Sleepy Blue and got so excited that I had to start painting right away! I’m not finished yet, still need to do a bit of touching up. But here are some progress photos 🙂

DSCF2892 DSCF2898The paint looks almost identical to the old blue when it’s fresh, which makes it very hard to tell where you’ve already painted. But once it’s dried it is significantly darker, as evidenced by this wall here.


Sneak peak of the crib! (the walls are the original blue here) I assembled it all by myself one day. I had way too much fun. Though a little hard to tell in this image, it is “Espresso” and not black. Definitely looks brown in person. We got a mattress and a mattress protector, but no bedding yet. I am very excited about the bedding we picked out though. At first I was thinking of a theme like Super heroes, or Star Wars, but I felt like those were too older boy and not baby enough, and Ian felt the same way, so we ended up with Jungle Animals. 🙂 Feeling sleepy yet? 😉

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One Response to Nursery Painting: Part 1

  1. Love it Hayley! Yes, Sleepy Blue sounds dreamy… hehe. Luke’s room is “Soft Denim” which I’m crazy about and we did the ceiling also. LOVE THAT! Every other room in the house has white ceilings, but his room is my fave 🙂 Sooooo looking forward to your shower soon! -Kelly ❤

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