#1: Butterscotch Cream Roll-Up

The first cake is Butterscotch Cream Roll-Up*. I apologize in advance for a) my very lazy appearance in these images (I had not considered the possibility of wanting photos), b) the quality of photos, and c) the lack of photos for the beginning steps. I had no intentions to blog about this adventure until after the first cake was made, and an iPhone was used for picture taking. The next set should be better. 🙂

First things first. The first step was to make a butterscotch sauce, and boy was that temptingly delicious! Much like the sauce used for my favorite Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe, but with just a few more minor ingredients (like whisky) that added oh so much yumminess.


My mother-in-law, Kristina, joined me in this cake recipe and while I was preparing the sauce, she got started on the cake batter. It is a chiffon cake, which has a similar consistency to angel food cake. After the whipping of many egg whites we folded them into the batter before spreading it in the pan. One of the fun things about this cake book is that is has all sorts of useful tips in the beginning like the importance of reading through the recipe completely beforehand. We both learned this the hard way since the recipe didn’t specify that an ingredient was to be divided so it was added all at once (forcing us to scrap that part of the cake and start that over). As well, I hadn’t thought about the fact that the nuts really did need to be toasted beforehand, causing us to run around in a half-panic getting them ready when I needed them.

Once we had the batter ready to go I plopped it into the prepared pan and spread it around. It was such a light and delicate sort of batter.

Image 7

Image 10

(You can see my little baby making a small appearance there 🙂 )

Then after it came out of the oven, we let it cool while I made the frosting: a combination of the butterscotch sauce and whipped cream. Can you say heaven? We were dying over the deliciousness, and forced my brother-in-law to have a taste who agreed that it was extremely tasty stuff.

The fun part came next. Since the cake was sitting on parchment paper (a very important step for this cake), I had to cut it with a serrated knife into for strips, and then cut in the same place with kitchen scissors, so that each piece could be lifted off of the pan individually.

Image 5Image 13

Then I added the frosting and the almonds.

Image 11Image 1Image 8

The next part was very fun, but also made me nervous-excited. It was time to roll. So I began rolling the first edge onto itself…


…and then plopping it onto the cake stand.

Image 12

Then I added the remaining strips of cake, which was much easier than that first step.

Image 9Image 4

It was all rolled up and time to frost the outer layer! Which was a step that was harder than I expected because I didn’t use a spatula and the whipped cream frosting had gotten ever so slightly melty at that point.


But this is how it turned out:


It was delightfully light, and the remainder of the butterscotch sauce added just the right amount of that butterscotch goodness that made it a most heavenly dessert. Kristina and I decided that the sauce will be in heaven.

All in all, the first cake was a success. If all the cakes are as wonderful and delicious as this one was, this is going to be a very yummy year 🙂

* I should note that I won’t be posting the recipes themselves in order to avoid copyright infringement. Since I have clearly fallen in love with this recipe book I would hate for Ms. Julie Richardson to lose book sales on my account and so I have provided a few links like this one (found on the sidebar) to allow you to purchase the book yourself. If that upsets you, I cannot apologize for I am only doing what I believe to be an ethical approach.

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